Ditch the piles of paper.

Our sophisticated document digitization service converts your dusty piles of paper into safe and searchable digital archives. Ready to escape from those mountains of medical, tax, or legal forms? Let's talk!

Document processing done right.

AI-powered digitization

Our sophisticated computer vision and artificial intelligence algorithms detect your document types, extracting text, form fields, and more!

Search for anything, anywhere

Did you know scanned documents aren't searchable? Our digitization tools actually "read" the documents, making searches for names and keywords a breeze.

24/7 secure, instant access

Tired of digging through boxes of old files? Guardian.io's digital archives are accessible anytime and anywhere you need. Stop searching and get back to doing.

Never lose a document again

With cutting-edge search features, high-availability infrastructure, and secure backups, you'll never have to fear data loss again. Your documents are safe and sound.

"Not only was migrating to Guardian.io cheaper than maintaining our hard-copy archives, the productivity boost was HUGE. Finding that one page of that one contract from five years ago? It's now as easy as a Google search!"

-- A Satisfied CEO

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